The simplicity in take aways and the girl named Emma

Recently, I found my holy grail of music. Indie music that is. The name of my holy grail, La Blogothèque. It’s French for ummm….something, I don’t really know. It’s just a name, I guess. Whatever it is, I found it and it’s great. A French blog website set up by indie film maker ,Vincent Moon, a man with a brilliant idea of sharing music in a new way. He wanted to show the more creative and sometime intimate side of the artists by filming them performing around the streets of France. But the twist was that all filming is a one take process which means one shot is all they have. The artists interact with everything and anything around them making the film artistically awesome. It’s beautiful, it’s simple and it’s ingenious. To me, an artist is great when he/she sounds just as great anywhere and everywhere.

People always keep asking me, why indie? Why not Eminem’s music about the facts of life or Lady Gaga’s crazy new music style? Not saying that both of them aren’t bad artists or anything but I don’t find their music interesting or appealing to me. I guess I’ve heard enough of the music that’s being played on the radio over and over again. It’s too fabricated to sound the same as everything else. At least with indie music I can look forward to something new. No one sounds the same or copies anyone else’s style. It’s pure and good for the soul (in my opinion). I’m not trying to be a cool hipster by listening to it or whatever. I genuinely like indie music. It really has inspired me sometimes. I found a song on La Blogothèque that’s really beautiful. It somehow spoke to me somehow. I know it’s really for me to say this but if I ever have a daughter, I’ll name her Emma. The song’s beautiful, the name’s beautiful and hopefully my daughter will be beautiful.


It’s not beautiful, anymore

Football otherwise known as the beautiful game. Played by millions all over the world. Brings people together. Gives people something to hope for. The way the heroes of old played was simply magical and beautiful. Pele, Baggio, van Basten, Beckenbauer just to name a few. They were the masters of their trade. They played with grace but not only that, they played with pride. Whoever they played for, they made sure playing the game beautifully was the only motivation. That was the beauty of it all, playing the game beautifully just for the love of it. This, of course, is a just a thing of the past.

The way football is played now is horrible. The game now is being habited by cheats. They diving for penalties, they tackling the opponent to take them out and they faking injuries during games are just the common offences committed by them. The referees can’t possibly spot everything happening on the pitch. The cheats take advantage of this and commit these offences that kill the game. Where’s the beauty in that? What’s even worse than cheating during the game is using boring tactics. Sending a high ball up the field might assure a higher chance of scoring but it’s too bloody boring. There’s no challenge whatsoever in that. Another boring tactic is putting the whole damn team in the penalty to make the other team has  less of a chance of scoring otherwise known as ‘parking the bus.’ This tactic is again wrong in so many ways. It not only makes the game boring but it kills it too. The thousands of fans in the stadium didn’t pay money to watch a boring, meaningless game. They want excitement. A game with both sides fighting foe their lives. A game that has twist. Sadly, only a few teams are actually play with such grace and most teams are winning with these horrible tactics.

Using stupid tactics like that isn’t bad enough, it’s what’s happening behind the scenes that’s really killing the game. Recently, billionaires from all over the world have been buying and taking over top clubs all over Europe. Most of them think that this is a quick way to make more money. Thus, they buy top players at bloody high prices and double their salaries. The players then become like spoilt brats wanting more and more money. Playing for money and not for pride is just plain immoral. One huge example is Manchester City. Although Manchester City were never considered a top club in Europe, they were bought over by the royal family Abu Dhabi thus making them the richest club in the world. They then started to bring in top players willing enough to quit other top clubs in Europe just for a fat pay cheque. Thankfully, they did not win anything during the first year and the players could not get along with each other showing everyone that money only corrupts the game. Slowly but surely they lured in more top players with even fatter pay cheques. Recently, they have won something. Their win just assured the world that the immoral way of just using money to win works.

Football which was once considered a beautiful is being ruined by all these cheats and greedy bastards. It’s now a gentlemen’s game played by a bunch of hooligans. They only hope for a better future for football is hoping the younger generation of players actually play by the rules or not get corrupted by money. Other than that not much can be done to help the current situation.

So the past likes to bite me in this ass

I don’t know why but I’ve been bumping into things that remind of the past for the past week. I don’t like to be reminded of the past sometimes. The past will always definitely make me miss something…….good or bad. Probably like everyone else, my past was both heaven and hell.

So for 10 years of my life, I had attended an all boys school. Same friends, same school, same everything (my primary school was affiliated to my secondary so nothing much changed when I moved up to secondary school.) Being in there for a long time, great memories were made. The fact that there were only guys in school meant that most of us were crazy, rowdy and wild. I miss that. It was just like a night out with the guys except that it happened everyday. All the shit we did. All the trouble we caused. Damn, was it fun. We even acted like idiots in front of all the girls from the neighbouring all girls school and still didn’t even give much of a damn. Those were the days. I could go on and on about the things we did but I’d rather not. I really, really miss all of this. I realised all this when I met up a few old friends from secondary school. Most of us went our separate ways after the O’s. Some still back in secondary school as sec 5s. Some move on to that daunting place called JC. Some, like me, decide to do something more and go to poly.

The past also has a habit of bringing up parts of my life that I would rather forget about. Forever. When I’m not flaming Justin Bieber online, I’m playing hockey. Hockey’s been my passion ever since I was in primary school. I even played under the same coach all the way up to secondary school. I’ve had my ups and downs playing hockey too. Never finishing in first place was one of them. At least we still finished within the top 4. Anyway, last year was the year that hockey really played an important part in my life. My coach had offered me a direct school admission (DSA) to a JC, which wasn’t affiliated to my secondary school but was one of the top JCs in the country. A few days later the teacher in charge of my school’s hockey team offered me a DSA to the JC affiliated to my secondary school. So I had to make a decision of abandoning the school of which I have been going to for 10 years or continue wearing the same school badge with pride. In the end I chose the better school. But then again, there never isn’t always a happy ending. I kind of screwed up my O’s and I didn’t meet the requirements for the DSA. So then I ended up in poly. It took me awhile to get over it since JC was the only place I wanted to go after the O’s. Then I realised I just wanted to go to JC to play hockey. I remember all this crap I went through when I heard my coach’s JC team went to the final. I got kind of pissed because I was so close to joining them there. In the end they didn’t win.

The past week has shown me what the past really means to me. I’ve been also reminded about more personal stuff in the week (way too personal to mention here). The past always comes back to us not just to remind us about the stupid things we’ve done but to teach us about the where we’ve gone wrong. I take too many risks in my life. That’s probably one of my flaws that I’ve started to embrace since this week. Maybe I can change, maybe I can’t but I know as long as I don’t the past might still come back and haunt me. The past might not mean much to some but it means a lot to me. Friendships, good times, rejections, fights, etc. These memories will always stay with me. I might hate remembering some of them but I have to remember that I can look back at my memories to make sure I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Things change and people come and go. The memories of my past will always be there. Good or bad, we should all sometimes take a look back at the past. We just might learn a thing or two.

Bob, John and Kurt died without one last smoke of pot

Bob, John and Kurt. Who are they? No, they weren’t potheads who did nothing. They were genuises who smoked pot (before I continue-no, I’m not going to talk about weed.) Besides the common use of pot, they also had something else in common; they created great legacies in music before dying. Sure, they did it differently but what they did when they were alive was shaped the very way modern music is today. They also, however, died in tragic ways.

Bob Marley, RIP 1945-1981

Bob Marley, the man who came from Jamaica to spread the word about reggae. He had swagger, awesome song writing skills and a voice that could bring people together. With all of that and just his guitar, he taught the world about peace and love. Bob died because of a dangerous infection to his toe that had spread to his body. Although he knew it was a danger to him, he continued to perform for his fans while on tour. By the time Bob was going to expire, he had already accepted the fact that he was going to die sooner or later. He died on the way back to Jamaica at the age of 36.

John Lennon, RIP 1940-1980

John Lennon, one of the founders of one of the greatest bands known to man; The Beatles. He grew up with a lot of hardships in his young life but still pulled through. After The Beatles were no more, he still was musician always being known as a lover and not a fighter. John was murdered by a mad man. Funny thing was a few hours before his murder, an interviewer had asked John how he think he would die. John replied by saying he would be shot by a loon. The murder took place when John was walking out of his house in New York. He was shot in back 5 times. He was 40.

Kurt Cobian, RIP 1967-1994

Kurt Cobian, the misfit that ushered in a new era of music. He showed creativity from a young age and rebelled everytime he was told to do something he didn’t like. The rebel became the voice of a generation and broke down the walls that separated alternative music from the world. Kurt took his own life despite all the success he had gained. The amount of success he had still couldn’t cancel out all the depression Kurt had. Kurt’s body was found in his home with a shotgun across his chest. Kurt was 27 at the time.

3 men left the world with great music legacies but left by tragic means. There’s no point about music to be made here. The point I’m trying to make here is about life. Sure all 3 of them did something before they died but what if Bob’s toe got infected earlier or what if a different mad person decided to shoot John earlier or what if Kurt’s depression got to him earlier? Bottom line is life is short and that death is inevitable. We could be here today and could be gone tomorrow. Anything could happen to us. Going out and doing the best at what we do everyday is the way we should live our lives. Death can easily come but we shouldn’t be afraid of it. We’re all going to meet our maker sooner or later but in the meantime, we should make the best of our lives and leave with the best lasting impression. Make sure people remember you for the right reasons after death like these guys. So people reading this, go live out your life and stop going onto the the internet (unless you’re going online to read my blog).

“I’m not afraid of death because I don’t believe in it. It’s just getting out of one car, and into another.”-John Lennon

A tribute to Bob, John and Kurt. May your music live forever.

The beginning and the end of music

Music nowadays……what are we suppose to make of it? With the rise of the boy who sings like a girl, I don’t think music now is doing so great. Then again I’m referring to the mainstream music scene. The music scene where almost everything is unoriginal with an exception of a few really talented guys out there. Many would also like to disagree with me when I say that the mainstream music scene is just another passion turned into a business by those fat men in suits. By this point of time some would wonder why am I making a big fuss about mainstream music. Some would have already realised that I am……a hipster. Yes, one of those people who listen to indie music and do other stereotypical things associated with being a hipster. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about being a hipster. I’m here to talk about music and what the hell is happening to it. NOW, back to the boy who sounds like a girl also known as Justin Bieber. The guy has taken over the world. Not really the whole world but the whole population of teenage girls in the world(you know what I mean). He already has a few albums out and a damn movie which is in 3D. How cool is that!? Not. Why do I not like Justin Bieber? No, I am not jealous that most of his “bielibers” are girls(besides the girls who like Bieber are musically oblivious to everything else). I do not like the guy because quite frankly he’s a disgrace to music itself and disgrace to guys because of his girlish like voice. Okay, I’m kidding about the last part but seriously he’s not much of a talent. I’m not much of a music guru but Bieber’s voice isn’t really special and his songs don’t really have much feeling. I mean would you believe a 16 year old actually found his love of his life that early in his life? It’s one thing to have regular singing voice that doesn’t stand out  from the crowd but to write songs that don’t really mean anything to you, that’s just wrong. From my point of view music needs to mean something to you, come from your heart in other words. I don’t know Bieber’s magic formula to win the world over  but what I know is Bieber’s been making easy money without putting in any heart and/or soul like a true artist would.

Oh god, make it stop.....

The indie bands on the other hand make music just for the love of it. Okay, I might sound a little biased at this point but some of you have to agree that most of the indie bands strive for their music. Some bands even have had to pay certain venues just to get a gig. Most indie bands know that going mainstream could mean huge benefits for them. More fans, more money, more fame, etc. But then, looking ahead, more could be less for them. Listening more to the huge record company they’ve signed with could mean changing their “sound” just to make more money. More money could lead to greed. Greed could lead to disagreements within the band and the the downfall would keep going on and on. Anything could happen…… I’m not trying to say any all genres of music except indie are bad. I’m just saying that music is getting ruined because of the men who think music should be treated like a business. Money sometimes kill the creativity within us (in my opinion). This is when the unoriginal artists come in. Take Ke$ha and Lady Gaga for example. They weren’t the first crazy people to dress up in stupid dresses and singing songs about people “being who they are” or “being born this way.” Ever heard of Madonna, people? The first original crazy doing all of that? Anyway, my point is that not many people are original with their music anymore. Many can claim that they aren’t copying the other artists but merely using them as “inspirations.” Well I think that’s a load of bull crap. Why still deny it when it’s so damn obvious?

Well I better stop critizing mainstream music before someone tries to kill me by drowning me in it. Again, I’m not trying to say that indie is the best music genre. I’m just pointing out what’s wrong with some of the mainstream music that’s being fed to the masses. No offence to anyone, maybe just Justin Bieber but no one else.

So what now?

The first week of school finally ends, yay. New teachers, new friends and of course new school. Everything’s fine for now, I guess. Most of the teachers are nice, the friends I made are well…nice too and the school isn’t that hard to find my way around. I guess I should be happy that I’m fitting in this new, fascinating place but somehow I feel something’s still missing. I guess I just miss being in an all-guys school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overwhelmed by the fact that there are a lot of girls all around me now. It’s just that guys that I use to call my ‘bros’ aren’t beside me to do what we do in school; hang out, cause trouble together, watching out for each other, etc. Moving on for me is probably the hardest thing to do but then again I have to keep telling myself moving on is the only way to get things done. Oh well, life moves on and all that other crap. Hope the 2nd week of school isn’t a bitch to me…..